For you eco cosmetics has developed a new, innovative organic sun protection which protects you from the sun and leaves your complexion radiant. The special combination of a mineral light protection filter of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide protect against harmful UV rays. Combined with magnesium and glimmer this UV filter complex forms the basis of Eco Compact Foundation. The toner and light diffusion are able to conceal flaws, dull complexion, dark circles under the eyes and enlarged pores. Eco Compact Foundation evens out your skin tone and lends the skin a natural, smooth finish. The light soft texture feels pleasant on the skin. It is easy to spread and enhances the skin ́s visual appearance. The Compact Foundation with a sun protection factor of 30 is suitable for all skin types and is ideally tolerated.

It matches the natural skin tone perfectly and leaves a delicate, natural skin feel without leaving a visible film. Medium coverage, for a natural result.